My Tolerant and Accommodating Mother Kenya

Recently I was at an event where both the Kenyan and Indian national anthems were played to mark the commencement of the event. The Kenyananthem was played first and I couldn’t help to notice that only a handful was singing it, much too meekly and unsure of the words, out of the over-hundred in attendance. The rest stood awkwardly as they awaited the end of the anthem.
Then, the ever so familiar music of the Indian national anthem started playing and everyone was more alert than before standing upright to sing the wonderful words of the Indian anthem. The hall was resonating with each and every word being sung by almost every person in attendance.

This observation offered me two thoughts immediately and simultaneously.

Firstly, I was feeling a great sense of pride and joy to learn that the Indian nationals (or once Indian nationals) were upholding the loyalty and fervor towards their Matrubhoomi (motherland). It is quite natural that one will quickly identify himself or herself with a…


Equality. Yes, I am sure you must have heard about it everywhere, but how many of you have ever related to it in your everyday life situations. Although it’s not a trending topic, I thought we should all be aware of what we do unintentionally. I won't bore you...I’ll move on by telling you a story, from my collection to add into yours. Of course every one of you must have heard about Cars and Motorbikes but have you ever asked yourself why they are different when they help in performing the same tasks?  I’ll tell you:
"There was a big Car that was proud of itself because it was large; it always mocked the Motorbike due to it being small compared to the car. The cleaner always washed the car with expensive soap, liquids and water while the motorbike was left dusty and grubby. The owner always drove to his office, parties and other various events on his car and used the motorbike when he is going to buy groceries. So again car said to motorbike “Who is the best of them all? ME”…

State and Society

Whilst sitting in the SGR from Nairobi to Mombasa with a few learned friends, we got into a serious talk about the happenings of today and around 50 years ago.

For example 50 years ago, my Father lived in the Old Town area of Mombasa. He says there were no locks on the doors. When going out they would just shut the door with a small stopper and ask the neighbour or some dukanwala or some handcart man to look after the house and in case some guests come they would be ushered into the house by the same neighbour or dukanwala or handcart man! Now we live in homes with 2 to 3 huge padlocks on the doors and some houses have electric fences too.
And it’s everywhere, for example, my Uncle (God bless His Soul) who moved from India to England back in the early 70s used to say that milk was delivered in milk bottles. The Milkman would come at around 5am and you had to put your empty milk bottles with the monies in the carton, and the milkman would take the monies and replace the carton with fil…

Do You have enough Chlorophyll?

Imagine a tree...
The roots provide water and essential nutrients from the earth.
The trunk and branches provide the transportation network.
Eventually, the terminal point of this network are the leaves. The leaves are in a way, the
starting point of this entire process which sustains the tree. The leaves take light from the sun
and CO2 from the atmosphere and does magic within itself to provide the sustaining energy
(food) for the whole tree. To do this magic, it needs to have a certain essential element,
known as Chlorophyll.
Without the chlorophyll, all the CO2 and all the sunlight in the world cannot be of any use to
it. Even the minerals and water provided by the roots will go to waste. What a shame it is, if
the leaf lacks chlorophyll. All the assistance from all directions will be of no use if it lacks this
essential green matter.

Now imagine You and I as humans...
We have access to Dharmic knowledge and the Technological knowledge from our ‘roots’ and
‘branches’... in form of …

Dear Reader

Words are such a divine art. It never ceases to amaze mankind as to how a few formations that we call “letters” can be put together to shape up human schools of thought and vary human emotions. Some words can draw a curve across one’s face and make them smile, and others can turn that curve upside down and make them frown. Let us choose our words wisely to never bring a frown on anyone’s face. With such power, it becomes vital that words need to be used wisely and carefully. Among all the privileges of living in the 21st century, one must agree that being able to use these words to express opinions openly is also a privilege. We all have a lot to say using these words. The youth of today especially, have a lot to share. A lot words yet to be said and many voices yet to be heard. All that they are in search for is a platform to express themselves. It is often assumed that the present day generation are all stuck up on Snapchat, Selfies and Series. However this generalisation is far-fe…